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Rate of Aircraft Near Collisions At Australia's Second Busiest Airport

"Disproportionate" Rate of Aircraft Near Collisions At Australia's Second Busiest Airport  The Australian Authorities are investigating a "disproportionate" Rate of Aircraft near collisions at Australia's Second Busiest Airport.
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said it had identified Jandakot Airport, a general Aviation facility in Perth, Western Australia, used as a base for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and other Australian Government Agencies, as having a much higher near collision rate than other similar Airports since 2013, Australia's National Broadcaster reported Tuesday. "Between 2013 and 2015 Jandakot Airport had a near collision rate that was at least three times higher than other similar metropolitan Class D Airports across Australia," the ATSB said in a statement.
As a result, the ATSB has launched an investigation to " identify the factors that increase collision risk to Aircraft operating at Jandakot Airport.&quo…

"Teen" Pilot Kayne set to become Australia’s youngest Pilot, after 14-day outback tour

"Teen" Pilot Kayne set to become Australia’s youngest Pilot, after 14-day outback tour The 15-year-old Pilot Kayne is just weeks away from becoming Australia’s youngest recreational Aviator and will join a growing number of eager teens opting to fly before they can drive. The Stawell student recently flew an astonishing 14-day round tour of the Australian outback, intent on completing the  navigational exercises required to become a Pilot.
With experienced trainer Capt Graeme Boatman by his side, Kayne flew a single engine Tecnam 7300km from Victoria to Uluru, across to Coral Bay on Western Australia’s midnorth coast, down to Kalgoorlie then across South Australia’s Nullabor Desert.
From the cockpit, he got a bird’s eye view of Lake Eyre, remote indigenous communities in the Gibson and Great Sandy deserts, iron ore mines in the Pilbara, the glistening waters of Ningaloo Reef and the wild coastline of the Great  Australian Bight.
"I’ve always loved the thought of flying,” Kay…

Hercules C-130 Plane Crash In Indonesia City

Hercules C-130   Plane Crash In Indonesia City  More Than 100 Feared Dead In Plane Crash

Indonesian officials say all 113 people aboard a Military Transport Plane are believed to have died when it crashed on the island of Sumatra. The Hercules C-130 plane on Tuesday hit two houses and a hotel in the city of Medan before bursting into flames, creating a huge fireball.

Air Force head Agus Supriatna visited the crash site and told reporters he believed there were no survivors among the 113 people on board. Dozens of bodies have been recovered from the crash site in a residential area of Medan.

Many of the passengers are thought to have been relatives of servicemen and women. The military says it is looking into claims some of those aboard were paying passengers - which is not allowed on its Aircraft.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been 10 fatal crashes involving Indonesian Military or Police Aircraft over the last decade. The accidents put under a spotlight the safety r…