"Teen" Pilot Kayne set to become Australia’s youngest Pilot, after 14-day outback tour

"Teen" Pilot Kayne set to become Australia’s youngest Pilot, after 14-day outback tour
The 15-year-old Pilot Kayne is just weeks away from becoming Australia’s youngest recreational Aviator and will join a growing number of eager teens opting to fly before they can drive. The Stawell student recently flew an astonishing 14-day round tour of the Australian outback, intent on completing the 
navigational exercises required to become a Pilot.

With experienced trainer Capt Graeme Boatman by his side, Kayne flew a single engine Tecnam 7300km from Victoria to Uluru, across to Coral Bay on Western Australia’s midnorth coast, down to Kalgoorlie then across South Australia’s Nullabor Desert.

From the cockpit, he got a bird’s eye view of Lake Eyre, remote indigenous communities in the Gibson and Great Sandy deserts, iron ore mines in the Pilbara, the glistening waters of Ningaloo Reef and the wild coastline of the Great  Australian Bight.

"I’ve always loved the thought of flying,” Kayne said. ``You can get places a lot quicker and once you leave the ground  you forget about everything else."

Captain Boatman, an experience Trainer and Pilot of 50 years, said Kayne had shown attention and passion beyond his years.

"I had to be in the cockpit but I can tell you Kayne flew the entire distance. I never had to take the controls."

"A lot of kids often don’t try hard enough but Kayne is very diligent, very intelligent and has a lot going for him."

Kayne will become one of 78 other Pilots across Australia aged just 15 and the sixth junior flyer to be formally  accredited this year.

Recreational Aviation Australia chief executive Michael Linke said he was in elite company.

"When you think about it, learning to fly can be safer than learning to drive,” Mr Linke said. "There is a lot less 

traffic at 3000 feet and your view out of the cockpit is boundless."

He said learning to fly opened up career paths from Commercial Piloting to Engineering, Air Traffic Control, Flying Doctor 

Services and Private Aviation.


Eesha Rohida [ MBA Mktg ]
Aviation News Editor


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