REX Flight forced into Emergency Landing after losing Propeller

REX Flight forced into Emergency Landing after losing Propeller

A Regional Express flight to Sydney has been forced to make an emergency landing after losing one of its propellers mid-flight. Flight ZL768 from Albury landed safely at Sydney Airport just after midday 
and the 16 passengers and three crew members on board were not injured.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has assigned three investigators to look into the circumstances surrounding the incident and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is seeking an urgent briefing from the 
company.They want to work out whether this could be a potential defect in all SAAB 340B aircraft or just this one in particular. Regional Express is also investigating.
The ABC understands the aircraft was on approach and lost the propeller at approximately 6,000 feet. The propeller has not been found and will be a crucial piece of evidence in the investigation.
Air traffic control audio logs reveal that after realising the plane had lost a propeller, pilots made a PAN call — which signifies urgency but is not a mayday."The prop has just fallen off the aircraft and standby 
for further instructions," the flight deck coolly reports to air traffic controllers.
"REX768 we've just had uncommanded engine operations and our propeller has just sheared off," a man on the flight deck told controllers.We've got normal controls, still be able to fly would require 1-6 right 
and we should be able to conduct a precautionary landing.At this point, controllers move to delay other flights."


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